IMPORTANT: By entering this show (by submitting a Summary Sheet or a cat entry) you agree to abide by all TICA rules and all club rules.


A partial list of TICA rules is below; for a complete list of TICA show rules, visit

  • Per Show Rule 29.2.3 — Under no circumstances may the show management accept entries not printed in the catalog. This does not apply to entries accepted prior to the printing of the catalog which have been inadvertently omitted by the show management (sometimes referred to as a "Late Page"). Therefore, the exhibitor will not bring any cats/kittens in the Show Hall that are NOT listed in the official show catalog (Show Rules, Article 10 - Responsibilities of Exhibitors).  
  • Per Show Rule — No substitute cats or kittens can be accepted in place of the original entry printed in the catalog.  
  • Per Show Rule 23.4 - Cats or kittens obviously pregnant are ineligible for competition.  
  • Per Show Rule 23.8.1 - No kitten under the age of three (3) calendar months is permitted in the show hall under any circumstance.  
  • Per Show Rule 26.1.2 - No more than two (2) kittens or one (1) cat may be benched in a single cage, whether entered for competition, exhibition or for sale.  
  • Per Show Rule 24.3 - Each entry shall be accompanied by the published fee. No entry fee or related charges will be returned except for failure on the part of the sponsoring club to hold a "Vetted" show as advertised, or if there is change in the advertised judges, date, location and/or format of the show as set forth in Show Rule 24.3.1. In such cases, the club shall refund the total amount if requested by the Exhibitor.  
  • Per Show Rule 25.3 and 210.6 - No exhibitor shall bring into the show hall any cat, whether for show, exhibition, sale, or otherwise, which is infested with any parasite, including but not limited to fleas, ear mites, lice or ticks.  
  • Per Standing Rule 205.3 - If a cat is suspect under Show Rules 25.3, it is the duty of the Show Manager to have the cat in question immediately removed from the show hall until a veterinarian confirms and/or diagnoses the suspected illness or certifies that the cat is free from contagious or infectious illness. Further, it is acknowledged that in no event is the Club or show management required to refund entry fees (Per Standing Rule 205.3.5).  
  • Per Show Rule 26.1.1 - No change in benching arrangements shall be made without the permission of the show management.  
  • Per Show Rule 29.5.2 - The Show Committee, at its discretion, may refuse to allow the distribution of any printed material that contains a defamatory statement about another exhibitor or TICA member, the Association, or any appointed or elected official of the Association. See Show Rule 29.5.2 for the complete list  
  • Per Show Rule 29.5.3 - Except as provided in and, the Show Committee, at its discretion, may refuse to allow the distribution of printed materials by vendors, spectators, exhibitors, or any other person in attendance at a TICA sanctioned show.  
  • Per Show Rule 23.6.5 - The show committee, at its discretion, may refuse to accept any entry for the following reason: Prior conduit of the entry and/or exhibitor is detrimental to the best interest of the association or the welfare of cats or the club and/or its show.

Club Rules:

  • Exhibitors shall NOT engage in derogatory conversations or remarks about another exhibitor or their entries.
  • Any exhibitor who threatens or physically harms another exhibitor, their family, or their cats, will be instructed to leave the show hall immediately without any refund of entry fees.
  • No cats/kittens may be kept in carriers underneath the benching area.
  • Exhibition/For Sale cats: An exhibitor who has at least one cat entered and competing in the show can purchase an Exhibition/For Sale cage, provided space is available.
    • The exhibitor must complete an entry form for each kitten or cat for sale and/or on exhibition and have them listed in the printed catalog.
    • No cat or kitten will be allowed in the show hall if it is not listed in the catalog. The ONLY exception allowed is for rescue groups with cats/kittens for adoption.
    • The exhibitor must comply with all TICA rules regarding maximum numbers allowed per cage (i.e., no more than 2 adults or 4 kittens in a double cage).
  • Exhibitors shall not engage an officiating judge in conversation during judging.
  • Exhibitors shall NOT make it known to any officiating judge how his entry(ies) have placed in any other ring.
  • Entries may NOT wear any collars, ribbons, or hats in the judging rings.
  • Any special caging needs in the judging rings must be communicated to the Ring Clerk BEFORE the cat's number is posted.
  • Exhibitors may NOT sit or stand in the ring holding their cats prior to or during judging except with the explicit permission of the judge.
  • An exhibitor shall NOT groom or play with an entry while it is in the judging ring.
  • All claws of each entry shall be clipped prior to benching. Failure to do so may subject the entry to disqualification.
  • While transporting a cat in the show hall, the exhibitor shall carry the cat in one or both hands OR in a carrier.
  • Kittens/cats sold or placed from the show hall must leave the show hall in a carrier, and must be escorted out by the breeder.
  • Except in an emergency, do NOT use any doors that are not the designated "official" entrance/exit doors.
  • The Club is not liable for any actions of any exhibitor, vendor, or spectator at this show.  


  • If any person fails to follow these rules, they may be asked to leave the show, and will not be eligible for any refund for show-related services previously paid.
  • The Exhibitor/Owner also understands that noncompliance with these procedures and rules may ban them from visiting or entering any cats at future Club shows. 


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