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This cat show will be open to the public -- we welcome visitors!


We are open to the public from 10-5 on Saturday and from 10-4:30 on Sunday. (These are visitors' hours only; for exhibitors' hours, please see our Entry Info page.)


  • Adults - $8
  • Seniors/Veterans/Students - $5
  • Family of 4 - $20  
  • Kids under 5 - free


There is no specific time schedule for the breed judging; competitions for all classes go on throughout the day, all weekend long. Whenever you come, you should be able to see a broad variety of different breeds being judged. Also, throughout the day, you can see all the cats who aren't currently being judged as they relax with their owners, waiting for their next judging.


For your safety and the safety of the cats and exhibitors, please follow these rules while visiting our show:

  • ALWAYS ask permission before touching or petting a cat.
  • ALWAYS ask permission to photograph a cat.
  • A person carrying a cat has the RIGHT OF WAY.
  • If you hear the words "CAT OUT," please stand still until you hear "CAT CAUGHT". Never attempt to catch the cat yourself!
  • NEVER stick your fingers in a cage, or open an unattended cage.
  • Please, no running or loud noises!
  • DO NOT approach the cages in the judging rings -- please remain in front of the judging stands at all times.

Thank you! Have a great time and enjoy the show! 

Cat image by MyFairyRealm; all rights reserved