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We've got some super fun stuff planned for you this weekend!
  • Junior Ring Junior Exhibitor judging will be judged by Sandi Mattingly on Sunday morning at 8:30 AM. 
  • Dessert contest — details coming soon!
  • Cage-decorating contest — bring your favorite fiesta decorations! The show theme is Los Dias de Los Gatos (a play on words to the Day of the Dead)— but decor for any Mexican (or other Hispanic) fiesta/celebration would be great!
  • Raffle — We'll have a great raffle, with a wide variety of cat-related items (and other stuff that's just plain useful - or just plain fun). Raffle tickets are less expensive when purchased in advance; you can order yours via the Summary Sheet. (Please note that you cannot pay for your raffle tickets via PayPal, due to their anti-gaming regulations; if you pay for your entries using PayPal, please pay separately for your raffle tickets by credit card, check or money order.)


Cat image by MyFairyRealm; all rights reserved