And A Mouse Cat Club

Join us for The Mouse in Winter January 22 - 23 2022
A 12 Ring Back to Back Show

Enter The Show

EARLY BIRD and INTERNATIONAL RATES: Early bird (10 % discount) is offerred through December 25. The International Rate (NON-USA)(15% discount) will be in place the duration

To enter your cat in the show, submit the following to the entry clerk.


Juniors:  A Special Ring for the Juniors will be judged by Donna Armel. We will have a juniors experience program on Saturday. Each junior may deduct $25 for one cat which they will exhibit.

Seminars:  We are presenting two 2 hour educational programs on Saturday afternoon/evening following judging.  We will have pizza and light refreshments for attendees.  The seminars are approved for judges CEU credit.  $10 each or both for $15.00

  • FIP - The Latest in Treatments and Research

  • Genetics - General Overview and Recent Discoveries

COVID Status At this point, the show is open to the public. Masks or appropriate facial coverings will be required for Exhibitors, Judges, Club Workers, Vendors, and Spectators or visitors. This status is subject to change pending current guidelines set by the State of Washington. By entering this event, you realize it is at your own risk. TICA, And A Mouse Cat Club, and the S.W. Washington Fair grounds, their officers, members, employees and volunteers will not be held responsible for any exposure to COVID-19. In order to ensure the safety of all in attendance, And A Mouse will work diligently to enforce all current health regulations.   See summary for more information.

Canadian and International Visitors Check the requirments for entering and leaving the country.  We have some sponsorships for COVID tests that may make them less expensive.  Contact the show manager for more information.

EARLY BIRD and INTERNATIONAL RATES:  Early bird (10 % discount)  is offerred through December 25.  The International Rate (NON-USA)(15% discount) will be in place the duration

Closing Date: January 16 at 8pm PST

Show Hours: Saturday check in 8:30 to 9:30, show starts at 10am. Sunday check in 8:00 to 8:30, show starts at 9am.

Show Hall: The show hall is heated but it can be cool this time of year.  Wear layers and warm footwear.

Hotels:  There is no official hotel.  There are several in the area that accept animals.  Please check to make sure which accept cats.

Recreational vehicles:  There are RV hook-ups at the FAirgrounds.  They are basic and the water may be turned off if we have been having freezing weather.  Have a 20 amp connector.  Notify the show manager if you will need RV parking.

Supplies:  Litter will be provided.  Please bring your own litter pans and food and water dishes.  Cat food will not be provided

People Food:  We will have a coffee and beverage bar but no other people food.  We will break at lunch so people can obtain food and beverages at that time.  

Airports: Sea Tac (Seattle) and Portland, Oregon are the closest and about 2 hours away.  There is fee shuttle service available from SeaTac.

Clerks and Stewards:  Please indicate on the summary.  Clerks will get $35 per day, Stewards $20 per day per ring (up to 2 rings if good)  Assignments will be made after entries close and payment on work completion.

Benching:  Double cage size is 22 by 44 by 22  All wire cages need to have sides, back and top covered.  You will want to bring an extra blanket and bedding for your cats as the hall can be a bit cool.  One adult cat or two kittens per 22 x 22 x 22 space.   All exhibitors will be assigning benching.  Benching requests must be indicated and we will honor them as best we can.  Benching for special needs/handicapped is not charged.  No benching can be changed without management approval. 

TICA Scoring andTitles:  This show is scored for TICA Regional and international Awards.  All shows at this point are considered to be under the isolated area rules due to the pandemic.

Registrations:  All cats and kittens must be registered to qualify for Regional and international awards.  They can be shown if they have applied for registration or it can be shown they are eligible to registration for one show.  See TICA rules for these requirements.

Health:  This is a Non-Vetted Show.   All entries should be vaccinated against Feline Enteritus (Panleukapenia) Calic, and Rhinotracheitus and test negative for FELV.  Rabies vaccination is required in the State of Washington and it is advised that you have your rabies certificate with you.  The enforcement of the rabies law is up to the reporting officer.  Contact the show manager for further information about this.  All cats must have claws on all four feet clipped.  Any cats showing evidence of fleas, ear or fur mites, fungus or illness will be removed from the show hall.  In case of disqualification by a veterinarian, the TICA rules require all other entries owned by or agented by the responsible exhibitor with forfeit their place in the show hall and must be removed as well.

Show Rules and Liability:  This cat show is licensed, sanctioned and scored by The International Cat Association.  It is subject to their Bylaws, Show Rules and Breed Standards.  Those are available from the TICA Executive Office at P.O. Box 2684, Harlingen, Texas 78551 as well as being posted on the TICA website    By entering this show all exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the Show Committee and the Judges.  And A Mouse CAt Club, its members, volunteers, agents, TICA, the SW Washington Fairgrounds, Lewis County, its officers, staff and representatives will be held harmless for any damages, claims, losses, etc. of/to any exhibitor and or his/her entries or property.